Frog Bucks FAQ

What are Frog Bucks?

Frog Bucks are dining dollars that can be used at participating restaurants off campus. The funds are placed in an account that resembles a debit account. This account is then accessed when you present your TCU ID card as a form of payment.

Do Frog Bucks come with my Frog Pass dining plan?

Yes, with the exception of the Frog Pass Silver. Each TCU dining plan (called a Frog Pass) provides access to our main dining location, Market Square located in the Brown Lupton University Union. With the exception of the Frog Pass Silver a pre-determined amount of Frog Bucks are included in the Frog Pass dining plan.

I received a ‘login failed’ error message. What do I do?

We see this error frequently with Mac users. If you are a Mac user, please try to use Chrome first. If you cannot do that, please follow these instructions:

  1. Pull up Safari
  2. Click on “Preferences”
  3. Click on “Options”
  4. Click on “Privacy”
  5. Click on “Cookies”
  6. Click on “Never”
  7. Please try to login again after the above updates.

Can I use Frog Bucks on campus?

Yes. You may use Frog Bucks at every campus dining location and snack bar location.

Where can I use Frog Bucks off-campus?

Click “Frog Bucks Home” on the menu to the left at the top of this page

If I have a Frog Pass Dining Plan and ran out of Frog Bucks, can I get more?

Yes. To find the directions on how to add Frog Bucks please click here: Make A Deposit

Do I have to have a Frog Pass Dining Plan to get Frog Bucks?

No. Any student, faculty or staff member may purchase Frog Bucks. To find the directions on how to add Frog Bucks please click here Make A Deposit.

What happens if I lose my ID Card?

You should treat your ID card the same way you would a credit card—report it lost immediately.

  1. Simply log onto
  2. Click the “Frog Bucks” icon
  3. The GET page will appear
  4. Locate “Login to GET:” and click on “click here to login” (Use your TCU username and password to logon)
  5. Under “Quick Links” click “I Lost My Card
  6. Click the red button labeled “Report My Lost Card